About us

The Global Music Centre is one of Finland’s musical institutions. Its key task is to collect, record and distribute information about musical cultures from around the world. The Centre aims to increase understanding among listeners, researchers and music-makers of the individual and collective values in music, and of the importance of music as a means of communicating and strengthening identity. Thus the Centre aims to promote understanding between people across cultural boundaries, through music. Equality and respect for others are basic values in the work of the Centre.
The activities of the Global Music Centre are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Kantele Association’s mission is to broadly advance kantele playing, construction, and music, and to bring together musicians, composers, arrangers, researchers and others with an interest in the field. reaches the kantele community online. The Kantele Association’s archives include sheet music manuscripts, some of which are catalogued through Finna.

The Cultural Cooperative Uulu’s office also has a music reference library. Literature produced by the cooperative and its members has been catalogued and added to a databank as part of an information-gathering project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The collection focuses on musicological literature, but also includes more general research literature in fields such as anthropology, genealogy and social science. Its shelves also house a variety of musical notation material, musicological journals and CDs, mostly featuring world music and traditional music.

The Finnish Folk Music Association is an organisation for folk music practitioners, professionals and friends, established in 1968. There are 22 member chapters around Finland, which arrange regional activities. The association organises events and training, while developing various folk music projects in cooperation with the entire folk music field in Finland and abroad.